Friday, May 2, 2008

Tobermory - Manitoulin Island - and beyond!!!

After our peaceful time in Mount Forrest we continued further north (still in Southern Ontario). We arrived in Tobermory. The scenery was amazing, we stayed in a tiny native style log cabin. It was our 4 year anniversary and we got absolutely locked. Elaine tumbled over a fireplace. It was humorous.

We were espescially frightened of bears that night because we were very exposed. We had loads of Doritos in the car and in our cabin. There are Black Bear sightings in that area every few days.

My favourite alcoholic beverage over here is Rickards Red. It's an ale. I had about 14 that night. haha. I could have taken on a bear in that state haha (and been horribly mauled). The way to describe this area best would be to advise you to watch "Insomnia" with Robin Williams. Although it is set in Alaska, it portrays the same type of epic views of mountains, lake coastlines and forests accompanied with a small harbour town with 1 alcohol shop, 2 restaurants and a harbour...We took one of the last car ferries of the year from here to Manitoulin Island. This bay would be completely frozen over in a matter of weeks.

Perhaps I will describe our next host, Ira Murphy. He is an old friend of my parents who knew him when dad was going to college in a town nearby. What a guy! He lives on Fairy Lake, in New Liskeard, which is the furthest north we chose to travel in Ontario this time.

He has a dock with a Murphy's Irish Whiskey flag on it. It is the perfect place to live if you ask me. Along with the wooden dock, there is a canoe, and a paddleboat. There is also a bar in his cabin. "Gooooood". Elaine and I went out on the canoe. The water was still and we went around the whole lake. There are several other residences there, all with their own shoreline and docks.

Ira and his wife raised a tiger from its infancy until it could no longer be brought up in their residence. The cage where the tiger cub is still erected in the garden!